What Better Way to Spend a Friday night.....

than with these two guys and my man.

He's going to make a great daddy one day!

And so is he!!! Later though!


The Big Day

We had a wonderful wedding. Short, sweet, and beautiful. God is so good to have given me this man to marry.

Gorgeous Nephews:

The Week Before the Wedding

We had quite the eventful wedding week. Let's just say my husband is quite the trooper and he proved it the week before the wedding. On the Monday before the wedding I get a call from my fiance that he is headed to Tyler to get a CT scan. He had been at the doctor's office all morning after I insisted that he go after a weekend of complaining that his side hurt. The CT scan revealed that he had an inflamed appendix and would need to have an emergency appendectomy. So off to the hospital we went and by 6:00 that night, Jarrett had one less body part. After a night of funny moments, including him peeing in a drawer, we left the hospital at 9:00 the next morning, swung by the county clerk's office to get our marriage license and headed home. I tucked him into bed at my house and tried to relax (yeah right!). So the week before the wedding was very challenging, but very much worth it!