2 Months Old

Clothes:  Newborn
Diaper:  Newborn
Weight: 9.4 lbs. 
Height:  23 in.  (I think)

Lauralyn is our little smiling girl.  She smiles at everyone and everything!  Her first huge smile was at around 6 weeks.  Night time is gradually getting better.  She usually is wide awake late in the evening.  I've started feeding her around 9:30, wrapping her in her blanket with her arms out and then laying her in her bed.  We've found she will put herself to sleep only if it is completely dark in the room.  She still sleeps in our room in a pack and play, and I'm not looking forward to moving her to her room.  She wakes up at least once in the night, usually at around 2:30, but a few times it has been 4:00.  She is getting better about eating and then falling back asleep in the night.  I'm not sure how much she is eating right now, but I know she wants to eat a lot less often than her brother did.  Let's see....at 2 months she basically eats, sleeps and poops and as long as all those things happen, she is pretty content and happy! 


Lawson's First Day of "School"

Lawson started to pre-school this week at St. Luke's.  His first day was a success!  My biggest concern was nap time because he never sleeps unless he is in a crib/pack and play, but he did great on his napmat and slept for 2 hours.  He will be going to pre-school MWF and then will be going to the babysitter with Lauralyn the other days of the week.