Jarrett + Amanda =

A few weeks back....12 to be exact I started feeling tired and sore and I just knew that I had to be pregnant.  So I decided to take a pregnancy test.  I didn't tell Jarrett just in case I was wrong.  So I take it and walk out of the restroom crying to Jarrett because there was only one pink line and if I wasn't pregnant, then something was really wrong with me because I just felt so strange!  After a quick second look I say "Jarrett, do you see that?"  And there it was, a faint pink second line.  Oh my gosh!!  We freak out a little.  But since it was so faint, we still aren't sure that it is real.  After a few days and THREE more pregnancy tests, we determine that yes, we are expecting!!  WOW!  I can not even begin to explain the emotions I felt.  I'll be honest....it started with fear until it finally turned into excitement!!

And here we are holding our first set of sonogram pictures.  Our first appointment was on September 10th and the baby looked great!