Summer Camp

If we look really tired in this picture, it is because WE WERE! I think Jarrett got a total of 15 hours of sleep ALL week! This was my first year to attend Breakaway Camp, and it was awesome! The last time I attended a camp was 10 years ago when I was in high school, and boy have things changed!! I never had Starbucks, Marble Slab, Smoothie King, YouTube night, a band from Sweden or anything like that at youth camp! The worship band was amazing, and the speaker was amazing and I just really had a great week worshipping God! There were over 500 middle schoolers there, and I just loved getting to know the Grace girls better.
I was pretty proud to have my husband as a member of the P.O.O.P. squad at camp. Here they are in action....and yes that is a real mustache on my husband. SCARY!


Where Did it Go?

Where has the summer gone?? Due to the fact that I am no longer a teacher, I somewhat missed out on summer vacation. I had to go into work about two days a week this summer, which wasn't too bad, but oh how I missed having two straight months of nothingness!!! And this Monday, I officially started my contract....so here we go again!
Anyways, here are some pictures from the Fourth of July. We hung out at my parents pool with about 40 other family and friends.