I'm Two!

I'm two!  That's what Lawson will tell you when we ask him how old he is, and today it is true!  We have had quite the week this week.  Lawson came down with the flu on Monday, and he has been the sickest I have ever seen him.  But today he is finally on the mend, and I think by his party Saturday he will be back to his crazy self!

I truly can not believe that you are two today!  You have brought more joy to our family than you will ever know.

You are ALL boy!!  You LOVE to be outside all the time!  You throw a fit when it is time to come inside.  You will even go in the backyard and play by yourself for a long time.  You are always dirty!!
You have a special blanket that you would take everywhere if we let you!  You have it at night and whenever you take a nap.  It is silky and you love to hold it while you suck your thumb.  And speaking of sucking your thumb, you love to do that when you are tired!  You have loved it since you were about 2 months old.  I know it is going to be a battle to break you of the habit, but for now it is still cute. 

You are doing great at school!  You surprise us all the time with little things like counting or new words.  The other day we were at Walmart by one of those stands that plays sample music of CDS and The Wheels on the Bus goes Round and Round was playing.  You looked at it very seriously and started doing the hand motions.  It cracked your daddy and I up!  It still does thinking about it! 

You have a special love for the cartoons Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  It actually is the only way that you sit still is if you are watching it. 

You are so sweet to your sister.  You love to hug her and kiss her and take care of her.  She loves when you give her attention!  You even like to share your blanket with her.   

Potty training has not happened yet, although you do have a potty and you will sit on it and try to potty sometimes.  My fingers are crossed that this summer you will master this skill!   

You are fearless!!  It is a good thing, but sometimes you think you are bigger than you are.  You think you are as big as your older cousins Abram and Asher or our neighbors Davis and Reed. You love to hang out with the big boys!  Davis and Reed have big four wheelers and if we don't watch you, you will jump on it and start driving it. You also like to get in daddy's boat and play alligator hunter with them. 

We love, love, love you so much!!  We are so proud of the little boy that you are, and pray for you each day that you will grow into the man that God wants you to be.



Lauralyn 4 Months

Clothes: 0-3 months
Diaper:  Just moved up to a 2
Weight: 13 lbs.
Height: 24 inches
Shoes: 0

Lauralyn is still a happy little baby.  I will say she is our "high maintenance" little girl.  She likes things a certain way!  She doesn't like to be wet or poopy, she likes it quiet when she eats and sleeps.  She gets a little temper when she doesn't get her way and it is too cute!  She is sooo different from her brother, and it may just be the difference in a boy vs. a girl.  I've finally come to terms with the fact that she is not the great sleeper her brother is. She's not a bad sleeper....its just that her brother LOVES to sleep and sometimes asks to go night night. 

She did great at her 4 month dr. visit.  Didn't even cry on the first shot, but did on the second one.  He said she looks great and is developing perfectly. 

She is such a joy in our lives.  She loves when her daddy or brother talk to her, her whole face lights up.  And she has started belly laughing.  I've found her ticklish spot right under her chin and love to make her laugh!  I look forward to continue watching her change and grow over the next few months.  We love our little girl!