Memorial Weekend

We had a busy fun-filled Memorial weekend.  We spent Sunday night with friends at my parent's house swimming, eating and relaxing....as much relaxing as you can do with a 14 month old around a swimming pool.

On Monday, we spent the day on the lake with our friends.  We pretty much rode to the end of the lake, parked and swam, talked, and ate the entire day.  Jarrett and I both got sunburned pretty badly, you would think that we would learn by now!!
Lawson did really well.  He took him a second to warm up to the idea of the life jacket and the boat. 

He swam in the lake a little with his daddy. 

Most of the time he just hung out on the boat.  I tried my best to get him to take a nap like the rest of the kids did, but he was not having it. 

 It was not until we started heading back for the day that the boat put him right to sleep.  And he stayed a sleep through the car transfer, in the car and into his crib at home.  He was pooped!


The 1st Three Appointments

So I am 13 weeks, and have already been to the doctor 3 times!

The first visit was to confirm the pregnancy through an ultrasound.  Jarrett was able to get off of work and come with me to the visit.  It was actually quite an experience as Dr. Klouda could not find the baby at first and was asking questions like "are you sure you have the dating right?" (which I knew for sure that I did).  It was scary, and I had a panicky feeling in my stomach.  However, it turns out the settings were messed up on the machine.  She never could get them reset, but we did at least got to see the beating heartbeat on the little blob we saw on the screen.

Because of the problem with the machine, she wanted me to come back again in 2 weeks to look again.  This time she used a different machine and Jarrett and I got to see our baby moving and waving on the screen.  It truly is such an amazing thing to watch and to experience.  I was very relieved once we were actually able to see the baby and make out its features.

Today I had my 3rd visit for blood work and questions.  It took FOREVER, but everything went great.  I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time, which was amazing!  It was at 167.

My next appointment will be in 4 weeks, and then the "big" ultrasound will be July 5th.  I'm so excited and can not wait to see the baby again on the screen.  And of course we will also find out if Lawson is getting a little sister or a little brother, which will also be a lot of fun!


Getting Dirty

Lawson LOVES to play outside.  If daddy is outside, and Lawson is not, he will go to the door and cry to get out.  He also cries when we bring him inside.  I'm curious to know if this is just a boy thing, or if a little girl would get just as dirty outside playing.  This is what he ended up looking like yesterday after he played outside....of course this was when daddy was watching him.


Mother's Day and an Announcement

I had a wonderful Mother's Day.  We ended up sleeping in, and going to the late service at church.  We NEVER sleep in, so it was really nice.  Church was wondeful as always, and the sermon was on Proverbs 31.  It was a message Jarrett and I both needed to hear.  Lawson also spent his first Sunday in the toddler room.  Jarrett thought I was going to be emotional, but I was just proud of my big boy.

Oh how I love this little boy!

 These were the best pictures we got.  He is so busy these days!
After church we headed to Tyler to go eat and shop.  We knew everything would be packed, so Jarrett suggested we try Kung Poa which is kind of like Pei Wei.  The food was good, and we enjoyed not having to fight the crowds.  We left there and had a good time shopping at Target.  Jarrett actually helped me pick out some new clothes, and we just walked around having a good time.  We left there and headed to our dear friends, the Weavers house.  Lawson took a long nap while we celebrated Ryan's birthday.  Then we got to go see Ryan's new place since he just recently moved out of the house.  We had a wonderful time with lots of laughs. 

Last night Jarrett and I actually watched an entire movie together, Date Night.  Lawson played in the floor while we watched it, and it actually worked out pretty well.

And lastly, next year I will be celebrating mother's day as a mom of two!  We are having baby number 2 sometime around November 19!  We found out the day before we left for Cabo, but kept it a secret until after our first sonogram.  And introducing baby 2......


Camping Trip

This past weekend we headed out to Cypress Springs for a camping trip.  It was so much fun.  At one point I told Jarrett I wasn't sure if I was tired or relaxed.  It's been so long since I have relaxed I couldn't remember what it felt like!

My parents were supposed to camp with us, but they backed out because my dad sold their camper a couple of weeks before the trip that had been planned for a month!!  He will pretty much sell anything he owns for the right price! haha

Lawson took the longest nap ever in the camper.

 We also went for a bike ride.  We got this trailer for Lawson to ride in behind the bike.  He loved it!!
 After Lawson's nap he enjoyed a Fudge Round and Capri Sun.

 Jarrett and the guys caught tons of fish, and spent forever cleaning them.  I can't wait to have a fish fry!
We have really loved our camper and love camping.  Cypress Springs is beautful and it is just so fun to be right on the water.  We did cut our trip a little short because there was talk of terrible storms headed our way.  I got nervous, so Jarrett packed us up and we headed home at about 9:00 on Saturday night.  Better safe than sorry is how I feel!  We still had a fun trip and squeezed in lots of activities.