Grapevine, Texas Vacation

We decided last minute to take a little vacation to Grapevine.  We planned it last minute, but it turned into a great trip.  We didn't plan a lot, just wanted to do some fun things and eat some good food. 

We stayed right by the Grapevine Mill Mall.  The first day, we headed to the mall to take Lawson to Legoland.  He had such a good time looking at everything and taking it all in.  The first part of it was a little ride where you go through a tunnel and shoot the bad guys with a gun.  Lawson loved it (so did Jarrett).  We did the movie, which Lawson wasn't too into.  The coolest part for Jarrett and I was looking at all the places in Dallas/Fort Worth that had been recreated with Legos.  It was pretty impressive. 

Lawson played in the Legos and climbed up the big slide by himself and slid down.  The boy has no fear right now!  It was a fun little place, and we will definitely take him back when he is old enough to do everything.

We spent the rest of the day shopping in the Grapevine Mills mall.  Of course I shopped mostly for Lawson and Baby Girl E.  We let Lawson ride on some of the little cars and trucks and he had a ball.  We ended the day at P.F. Changs.  I was amazed at how much Lawson ate!!!  He had carrots, cucumbers, the middle of a lettuce wrap, crab wontons, Orange Chicken, Beef, and rice.  And then at the end he had a fortune cookie and was still grabbing pieces of it off of the table as we were leaving.  I really hope he always loves everything we give him this much...especially the vegetables! 

The next day, we tried to sleep in (not easy for me) and relax.  Once we got ready, we headed to eat breakfast at a place I found on UrbanSpoon.com, Old Timers Cafe.  I had the BEST french toast I have every tasted. 

After that, we headed to downtown Grapevine.  I loved it.  We went in all the shops and boutiques and had a great time.  Jarrett actually likes doing that, which is so nice.  Then we headed to Bass Pro Shops.  Jarrett and Lawson had so much fun playing the tents and sleeping bags.  Lawson loved looking at the animals and he makes the cutest "bear" growl when we ask what the bear says. 

We ended the day at Love and War in Texas eating another good meal. 

I loved spending time with my boys away from home.  Lawson had a great time in the hotel room, just running around like crazy and Jarrett and I got lots of reading and relaxing done.  We were happy to find a place close to home (2 hours) to have some fun.  It was a great 3 night trip!


The Day We Found Out We Were Having a Daughter

We decided on Saturday, June 4th, to have a sonogram at Stork Vision and Lawson, my parents, Jarrett's mom, Ashley, Abram and Asher were going to be there to see our baby for the first time and to find out if it was a boy or a girl.  The morning of I was just a ball of excitement.  Either way, I was going to be excited. 

First things first, I always look for the heartbeat before I relax into the sonogram.  There is just something about seeing that beating heart on the screen that confirms the precious life inside of me.  We saw the baby's profile, arms and legs.  The sonographer, Kristie, made her way to the babies lower half and let us know that she was about to try to see if it was a he or she.  My heart was pounding, and the baby wasn't cooperating (or she was being lady-like).  Kristie tried to get the baby to open its legs, but it just wasn't happening.  Jarrett said, "its a boy"  mistaking a foot for a boy, but she said no, we still can't tell.  She then had me roll over on my side, and again made her way to see if she could get the baby to cooperate.  And then she said, It's a girl!  My mom squealed embarassingly loud, and everyone was happy and excited.  Lawson had no idea what was going on!  It was such a fun moment and I loved sharing it with my family.

So the moment I found out we were having a daughter, I started to cry a little.  Silly, I know, but I have such an incredible relationship with my mom, and I was excited that I would get to share that kind of relationship with a daughter.


It's a.....


We found out on Saturday, that our precious baby is a girl!  My family was there minus Aaron and Jarrett's mom was there as the sonographer revealed that we are having a little girl.  We are thrilled!