Great Wolf Lodge

Before I went back to work, we headed up to Grapevine again but this time we were going to experience the indoor waterpark, Great Wolf Lodge.  Jarrett and I went up on Friday and spent the night in a hotel, ate, relaxed and hung out at Grapevine Mill mall until the next day when my parents and nephews came to join us.

First stop was lunch as The Rainforest Cafe.  It was a ton of fun and all three boys loved all the animals and the thunderstorms and the food was actually really good.  We sat right by a big gorilla, and Lawson was scared of it at first, but warmed up to it and started making monkey noises. 

We left there and headed to Great Wolf Lodge.  While mom checked in and the guys parked, I wrangled all three boys in a crowded lobby.  Luckily, Wolfy was there and the three boys hugged him and gave him "five".  I was surprised Lawson wasn't scared at all and he gave him "five" like the big boys.  Once we got checked into the room, we changed into our swim suits and headed to the waterpark.  It was a ton of fun and the boys had a ball. 

The boys had fun on the slides in the kid area.  Lawson even went down one of the bigger ones a couple of times.  Daredevil Asher also did two of the big tube slides with his Uncle Jarrett and Abram did these balancing lily pads that most people fell off of but he made across every time.  Lawson loved the water and wasn't scared of anything.  And I've got to admit, the adults had a great time too.  Indoor waterpark meant, no heat, no sun, no sunscreen and no worrying about sunburns!! 

That night after dinner we took the boys to story time in their pjs.  They sat with Uncle Jarrett and loved listening to the story.  After that dad (papaw), Jarrett and the big boys headed to the arcade and played for HOURS.  I'm pretty sure ALL four of them had a great time playing until after 10:00.
 Lawson inside the "kid's cabin" in our room.  The big boys enjoyed the bunk beds. 

The next morning we woke up and headed back to the waterpark.  We played and then headed in to clean up and go have breakfast/lunch.  After that we made one more fun stop at Bass Pro Shop.  Once again, the boys loved looking at the animals.  Lawson would point at all of the deer and say "dee"  That ended our trip and it was time to head home and relax. 



Lawson's First Haircut

Lawson had his first haircut today.  It wasn't really a planned thing, but Papaw had picked Lawson and I up to run some errands and go out to eat and suggested we take him to get a haircut.  So, we did it.  We've been putting it off for far too long.  There have been numerous comments about our little girl!  His hair was so long and curly and reached all the way down his back when it was wet. 


When we pulled into Sports Clips Lawson had fallen sound asleep in his carseat.  We debated whether or not to wake him up, but Dad and I decided to go ahead and go for it.  So I woke him up, and we headed in.  Thankfully there was no wait, and the lady cutting his hair has done tons of first haircuts.  He wouldn't sit by himself, so he sat in my lap.  He was a little upset at first, but I grabbed a couple of dum-dums before I left the house thinking that might distract him if he was upset and it worked!  He ate his dum-dum, and she cut away his precious curls.  I was so focused on keeping him happy that I didn't have a chance to get emotional about it.  He did great and looks like such a big boy now.  I miss the curls, but it was definitley time. 



Happy July 4th!

Happy Hot and Sweaty July 4th!


20 Weeks Half Way There

I hit the 20 weeks mark and can hardly believe that we are half way there.  Up until now, I have barely even felt pregnant (other than a few symptoms mainly in the first trimester).   However, it seemed like once I reached 20 weeks, it all of a sudden hit me. 

The worst symptom I have experienced in the second trimester has been terrible headaches that hang around for 3 days.  It has also recently gotten harder to keep up with Lawson.  Of course, he is everywhere!  I have started sleeping on my side rather than my stomach and I get up a million times to use the restroom at night.

I definitely feel like I'm gaining weight differently this time around.  I've gained 10 pounds, but I feel like it is more "all over" than it was with Lawson.

I will be ready for this little girl to be here, but I am also just trying to relax and cherish each moment with Lawson.