Lauralyn 7 Months Old

Am I really already writing her 7 month post??  I have so many mixed emotions with Lauralyn growing up.  It is so funny with Lawson I wanted him to reach his milestones fast and couldn't wait for him to do more and more.  With Lauralyn, I want her to stay my baby forever.  Too bad she has different plans!!

She is on the go!  She is up on all fours and is scooting everywhere. 

She will stand at the ottoman and at her toy table and play.  Her little legs are really strong.  She is smiling and talking and laughing and just melting our hearts all the time.  She loves to play with toys and likes to lay on the floor and just play for a long time.  She seems to like this more than anything else, especially her exersaucer. 

She is still sleeping through the night, yay!!  She goes to be about 7:45 or 8 and doesn't get up until I get her up.  She has started sleeping on her tummy with her booty in the air and it is so cute.

She really got into eating between the 6 month and 7 month mark.  She gets excited and wants more and wants if fast!  She has also started eating mum mums and seems to like them, but doesn't go crazy over them like Lawson did.  She gets mad if I try to feed her something she doesn't like, such as she decided she does not like green beans ands she throws a fit when I try to feed them to her.  She is a messy eater because she wants to hold the spoon and actually does a pretty good job with it! 

And she got two teeth this month!  Her two bottom teeth broke through without us even really realizing the first one.  They came in right after she turned 6 months. 

She cracks us up because most of the time she is such a happy baby, but when she gets upset she is VERY dramatic.  I guess because she is a girl!
Lauralyn and Mikah