Labor Day Zoo Trip

The weather today was beautiful! We started off with coffee and muffins on the back porch while Lawson slept in.  Once Lawson woke up, we headed to the zoo.  It was Lawson's first trip to the zoo, so we were excited for him to see to see the animals.  Bekah, Michael and the boys and Matt Lindsay and Owen met up with us.

We started in the petting zoo.  Lawson enjoyed the petting the goats. 

Lawson just ran around loving everything.  He barely sat in his stroller, he was so busy looking at everything. 

I love this picture of him looking at the elephants.  He loves to see elephants in books and make the "elephant" noise.  So we were excited to show him realy elephants.  His expression below says it all. 

Lawson is taking a nap right now and then we are headed to have fajitas at the Carnathans.  This couldn't have been a better day to have off  for Labor Day with the cooler weather and all.