Happy 4th



Lawson and Lauralyn's Nurseries

For me, one of the most fun things about having a new baby was decorating their nursery.  With both kids, I  went into the decorating process with an open mind.  Each of their nursery ideas developed in different ways.  While Lauralyn's room hasn't changed yet since she is only 7 1/2 months, Lawson's has changed after a move to a new house and changing his bed into a toddler bed.  I want to remember each of their nurseries and have pictures to show them when they are older. 

The only thing I knew when I found out that Lauralyn was a girl is that her nursery was going to be pink and girly!  Really my thought was the pinker and girlier the better.  The bedding is the first thing I picked out and then decorating went from there.  Most everything is from either Canton, antique shops, Hobby Lobby, online, or was something I had growing up. 

Here is her crib and bedding.  I knew I wanted a Jenny Lind crib.  I have a full set of furniture from college, which are her other pieces in her room, and the bed that matches is what she will use once she outgrows a toddler bed.  My plan is to keep this crib to use for grandchildren one day.  
The chair and changing table were found by my sister in law at a consignment shop for cheap!  And they are perfect.  I have spent many hours in that chair nursing Lauralyn.  It is the most comfortable chair in our house. 
The sign above her changing table was made by her Aunt Sugar.  It is what all her visitors signed in the hospital and when they came to our house to meet her.  I still need to put a picture in it. 
Her bow holder is the newest thing in her room.  I saw this at a baby shower and just loved it.  It has hooks all over the bodice and holds all of her bows and her headbands.  It's from Hobby Lobby.

This is the sign on the door into her room.  It's from Canton of course!
Now to Lawson's room. 

I had no idea how I wanted to decorate his room.  The inspiration for his room came from the little picture of the cowboy that is hanging above his bed.  Jarrett and I were with my parents in Oklahoma while I was pregnant and we bought this picture in an antique shop along with a lot of other decorations in his room.

The little rocking chair was mine when I was little.  And the bedding we bought from a friend.
 I am NOT crafty, but I decided to make the letters sitting on his shelf and they turned out ok. 
 The rocking chair is one that my parents have had for as long as I can remember.  I actually didn't sit in much when Lawson was a baby.  It is hard to see, but the hat holder is actually mounted deer antlers. 
One of my favorite things on his shelves (which look completely different now) are the Louis Lamour books.  Jarrett read those like crazy while I was pregnant and then would even read them to Lawson when he was an infant.  I'm sure Lawson will enjoy reading them one day.
 Jarrett painted this rocking horse for his room.  He still likes to play on it.
 This is Lawson's sign that his Aunt Sugar made for people to sign in the hospital when they came to visit.
And this is the sign on Lawson's door as you are entering.  Again, it's from Canton.