Snow Day and Valentine's Day

Unfortunately when it snowed in Lindale, I was in Austin at a technology conference. It was rainy and cold there, and I was working on Friday while everyone else was building frosty. Jarrett did take pictures for me so that I could see our house. It was beautiful!! There is a chance it may snow again on Wednesday, but I am not holding my breath.Valentine's this year was a little anti climatic. I told Jarrett that I didn't want anything, for some reason it just felt like another day. He did surprise me with flowers and chocolates and dinner at Julian's so it actually turned into a fun day!! We also went to Gander Mountain where he got a turkey call....my gift to him for v-day. Little did I know he would spend a large part of the afternoon practicing his call!!!


The Simple Things

As I surpass my weight gain goals and become more and more uncomfortable, I am trying to concentrate on the simple things that make pregnancy so wonderful.

I have to say the best feeling is Lawson moving inside my belly. It is an indescribable feeling. I love when I can feel him pressing out and sometimes I think he actually responds when I press back. He is moving constantly! It makes me wonder if this says anything about how his personality is going to be. Sometimes when it is just the two of us, I will rub my belly and talk to him and just become overwhelmed by how much I love him.

The second best feeling is when he moves around for his Daddy. I love for Jarrett to get to feel him going crazy in my belly. And Jarrett loves it to.

Although I am getting uncomfortable, I really am going to miss him being so close to me. I will miss those little kicks and that feeling like he is going to burst out of my belly. But I also can not wait until I can kiss his sweet face and actually get to look at and feel the little miracle that God has blessed Jarrett and I with.