Lawson's First Birthday Party

We had Lawson's first birthday party today, his actual birthday is next Tuesday March 29th.  As you can see from the invitations, we had a train theme.  Lawson seemed to really enjoy himself, and we enjoyed spending time with our closest family and friends. 

This birthday boy getting ready for his big day.
The birthday cake made by our friend Matt's mom.  Lawson loves him some cake!!

Lawson talking to his buddy Ryan.
We borrowed the choo-choo train from the church.  The kids LOVED riding around the yard.  

Happy 1st Birthday Lawson Ryan!


Weekend Wedding in CABO

So on Monday of last week an opportunity came up for Jarrett and I to spend a long weekend in Cabo San Lucas attending a wedding.  Although it was SOOO hard to be away from Lawson (I cried every day), we had a wonderful time.  Cabo is a beautiful place to visit, and we had a wonderful time celebrating the marriage of our friends.  The group consisted of 22 people, and it was so much fun to be part of something so fun and special.

The first night we were there was the rehearsal dinner.  The next day was the wedding on the beach and then that night was the reception.  It was absolutely beautiful and the bride looked amazing! 

This is the Weaver family.  They are the sweetest, most loving family.  Ryan, their middle son, is where Lawson's middle name comes from.  Jarrett has known them for a long time and they treat him (and now Lawson and I) like family.

We lucked out and got an ocean front room.  The view was incredible!

 We watched the sunrise on the last day of our trip, from our balcony.

It was a wonderful trip, but I could not wait to get home to Lawson.  I missed him so much and vowed not to leave him again for a while!!  He stayed with Jarrett's family and did wonderfully!  They are so willing to keep him and said they enjoyed every minute of it.  We are so blessed to have both of our families who love Lawson so much.


I Didn't Expect this So Fast

This coming weekend Jarrett and I will be headed to Cabo San Lucas to attend a wedding.  There was an indications that I might be pregnant, but to be completely honest I did not "feel" pregnant at all.  

Well, it turns out that crazy little second pink line showed up very faintly on the test.  I really was shocked because with Lawson I just knew that I was pregnant.  This time, I really thought the test would show negative.  As with Lawson at first it did, but then all of a suddent that faint second pink line appeared.

I took the test at work, so I decided to wait until Jarrett got home from work that night to tell him.  As soon as he drove in the garage, I couldn't quit smiling.  I handed him the test when he walked in the door, his eyes got real big and he said "I had a gut feeling your were".  He was the one who encouraged me to take a test before Cabo, but he didn't know I had taken it at work.

To be honest, it hasn't sunk in yet.  I still don't feel pregant at all.  I'm four weeks right now and at this time with Lawson, my body was "telling" me I was pregnant.  It will be interesting to see how different this pregnancy is from the last.

We told Lawson that he is going to be a big brother, but we will wait a while to tell everyone else.


Four Wheeling

He can't walk yet, but he can ride a fourwheeler.



I love camping.  It is probably one of the most relaxing and fun things to do.  When I say camping, I'm talking about with AC and electricity, in an RV!

I found these pictures from a camping trip we took a while back to Cypress Springs outside of Winnsboro.  It for sure is my favorite place to camp.

Below is our very first camper as a couple.  It was a tight squeeze since we had a pack and play in it for Lawson to sleep!  This is the first and only time we camped in this one.  We turned around and sold it right after this camping trip because it had no bathroom which made for some interesting nights when I had to use the restroom in the middle of the night!

JeJe and Papaw camped with us, and Abram and Asher came down and stayed for a night.

We always enjoy eating!!

And fishing.

Lawson wearing camo!


Last weekend we camped at Tyler State Park.  We had a wonderful time, just the three of us.  Lawson is a great camper and he loves being outside.  Once again we ate good, thanks to my husband who is a wonderful cook. We also hiked around the lake.

 And played outside.
 Lawson loves to wave bye-bye.

We feel blessed to get to experience these times with Lawson.  I have so many wonderful memories of camping with my family, so I'm hoping to make many wonderful memories with Lawson and any future children we may have.


11 Months Old

Weight:  Around 22 lbs.
Diaper: 3 or 4
Clothes: 6-9 month and some 12 month

Lawson's last month before he turns 1.  I am not ready for this!    He is such a happy, laid back baby.  I wonder if he will always be this laid back. 

Over the past month he has struggled a little bit with sleeping.  I think partly because he has been stopped up and partly because he is spoiled!  We have let him sleep with us a few times, mainly because we have to get up and go to work and need our sleep!  The past few days and nights he has been back to his normal sleeping routine and it has been great!

He has started taking a few steps this past week and he has also started clapping which is adorable!  He smiles all the time showing his 6 teeth.

His biggest talent is eating..Ha!  We kid about that being the one area that he is the most advanced.  He drinks from his sippy cup, from a straw, he feeds himself everything, and he will pretty much eat anything we give him right now.