10 Months Old

Weight: 20 lbs. 3 oz.
Diaper:  Size 3
Clothes:  some 6-9 month and 12 month

Lawson is 10 months old today.  One of this biggest changes this month is that he is completely on bottles and solids.  He will eat pretty much anything.  When he pulls up he has started to let go of objects and stand on his own for a few seconds.  He now has three teeth, two on bottom and one on top.
This past month brought on the first "real" sickness for Lawson.  He is still trying to get over his cough and congestion.  He has not been sleeping well at all, and we actually had to let him sleep with us one night.  I've realized what a blessing it is that he is such a good sleeper most of the time.  We've been pretty worn out this past week.

It is still hard to believe that in 2 months he will be 1!


Sick Day

Yesterday I was home with my boy because he was sick.  He was up the night before from 3:00 to 4:00 and just couldn't seem to get comfortable.  I stayed home from work and took him to the doctor. He has an ear infection and an upper respiratoy infection. 

This is us at the doctor's office.  You can tell we were both tired!

Last night he was up about 4 times and just could not get comfortable. It broke my heart because I can tell he feels so bad.  I put him in bed with us for a little while, and was tempted to just let him sleep with us!  Man I was tired this morning when my alarm clock went off at 5:45.  Hopefully the antibiotics will fight the infection, and he will be back to his normal self soon. 


V-Day Makeover

In honor of Valentine's Day, I have "girlified" my blog.  Its a little rough, but I'm still learning.

Hopefully it won't still be up at Easter. 

Baby Showers

I helped host a baby shower for one of my lifelong friends this past weekend.  I do like helping with showers, but more than that I love seeing my friends blessed with gifts, prayers and love from their family and friends.  There are very few times in life when you get to be together with all your closest family and friends at one time, so I think that time is pretty special.

I also LOVE all of the baby items.  I remember when I had my baby shower thinking that baby showers are WAY more fun than wedding showers.  I love his little coming home outfit that he got.

Here are the cookies we ordered for the shower from the Luscious Crumb.  I thought they turned out really cute. 

I also can't help but think back to the first shower I ever hosted.  It was in college and my roommate, Toni and I hosted it for our friend Amber.  We went to Sam's and bought tons of butter cookies, cheese, crackers and vegetables.  I'm pretty sure we could've fed about 200 people.  I remember a lady asking me how we washed the vegetables (I guess she could tell we were clueless and was afraid that we didn't wash them and to be honest I can't remember if we did or not!)  I've learned a lot over the years, especially from my SIL.  I'm helping with another shower in a couple of weeks for a friend I've had since Kindergarten.  I'm looking forward to seeing lots of old faces.


Big Boy Car Seat

We moved Lawson to his big boy carseat this weekend.  I thought he would have more of a reaction to finally not staring out the back window any more, but so far he has just been pretty chill about it.  What else is new....he is pretty chill about everything.

I on the other hand like it a lot.  It is so much easier to get him in and out of, and I get to see his sweet face.



We are working to have Lawson completely weaned before I leave for TCEA in Austin for three nights during February. This will be my first time away from him over night, and I am a little nervous about it. I know he will be fine and will love all the time with his daddy. I'm not so sure if I will be fine or not!

For the first time yesterday morning before I went to work, I didn't wake him up at 5:30 to nurse before I got ready to go. I have treasured that time with him in the morning. Even though I had to get up at 5:30, I love holding him and being close to him before I spend the day away from him. I will miss it!! I'll try to focus on the fact that I will get 30 extra minutes of sleep. Ha!

The weaning transition so far has gone pretty smoothly. The hardest part has been the night time transition. He typically falls right to sleep after nursing at 8:00. However, the bottle doesn't quite do it for him yet. Sunday night he was up a couple of times between 8:00 and 10:00. I finally got him back to sleep at around 10 for the night. AND for the first time Sunday night, I rocked him to sleep! I know that doesn't sound like much, but I have never gotten to rock him to sleep....I've just never had to because he always put himself to sleep. And when I would try to rock him, he would act like he wanted me to leave him alone so he could sleep! Finally the rocking recliner we bought for this reason is getting used!

As of right now, it has been over 24 hours since he last nursed. I'm thinking that probably means that "season" of life has come to an end...at least with Lawson. It has been such a sweet season for us.


Cousin Time

This past weekend Barbar, Jeremy, Stacy and Nolan came to visit. We had Lindsay (M & L Photography) take pictures of the boys together. I thought they turned out so cute. Especially considering the boys were trying to crawl every where and when one would smile the other one wouldn't.

See any similarities? Jarrett is on the left and Jeremy on the right.


Never Trust your Car

I ran out of gas.

It all started on my way to work this morning. My car said I had 55 miles until empty. No problem, I can make it to work and get gas at lunch. Well, I went to lunch with the guys so I didn't take my car. I got off work an hour early and immediately saw the warning flashing 22 miles left. I thought I would wait until I got closer to Lindale. Once I got closer it said I still had 18 miles to go. I though that was strange because my drive is over 20 miles, but I decided to trust my car. I picked Lawson up and headed home. I was on 69 in downtown Lindale right past the FB church and stutter stutter, put put. My car dies. Right in the middle of the road. I try to start it, but nothing. The truck behind me starts honking, cars start passing, my pits start sweating and my heart rate increases.

I did the only thing I knew to do, apologize to Lawson, put the car in neutral and pushed my car off to the side of the road. all.by.myself. I called Jarrett, started bawling and he came and rescued us. Lawson played an laughed through it all.

My view from the side of the road. So close, yet so far away.


Jeans and a T-Shirt

I was trying to find a new blog background to freshen up the "look" of my blog (the one that I committed to update more frequently this year!!). (the one that I added 3 posts to last night and post dated them so it looked like I had done a lot of blogging this year already)

I am not your typical "girly girl". I feel uncomfortable wearing too much "bling" or having on too much make-up. I am always nervous when I go new places because I don't want to be the one that is over dressed. Basically I don't want attention drawn to myself because of how I look (unless it is because I have lost 5 lbs., I welcome that attention!)

So I wanted a background that wasn't too "girly" girl, but was just right....at least for right now.

On to my point, the name of this background is jeans and a t-shirt...PERFECT!! I love jeans, especially ones with a little spandex, and t-shirts. An ongoing joke between Jarrett and I is that we have our "dress" t-shirts and regular t-shirts. The "dress" t-shirts are if we are going somewhere and want to look nice. Our "dress" t-shirts get hung up in the closet while the others are folded in a drawer. Sometimes our "dress" t-shirts get ironed. It all started when Jarrett and I were first married and I asked him to look nice to go out to eat. With every serious bone in him he said, "I do look nice, this is one of my dress t-shirts".
Here's an example of a dress t-shirt versus a regular t-shirt.


Snow Day

Lawson got to experience his first snow yesterday. He didn't seem to phased by it. Just all smiles!!
And this was my drive to work this morning.

The snow is always so beautiful! I can't help but think about wanting to go snow skiing when I see it. I haven't been in a few years......but as you can see, I'm a pro!


Pearly Whites

Lawson got a toothbrush and toothpaste in his stocking at Christmas. Since then we have been keeping those pearly whites in tip-top shape.


Lawson Walking with his new Toy

Lawson loves walking behind his Zebra from JeJe and Papaw.

His eyes look kind of scary in this video! And his hair is turning really dark.