4 Months Old

4 Month Stats:

Weight: 15 lb. 7 oz.

Height: 25 in.

Head: 16 1/2 in.

Our baby is 4 months old! This month has brought on big changes! The biggest is that I have gone back to work, and Lawson is going to a babysitter ever day (more on that later). He has started doing lots of new things. He rolled over a few weeks ago. He is mimicking us, when we blow raspberries, he blows them back. It is the cutest thing! He laughs and smiles constantly. He now enjoys "playing" with toys. He loves being read to. Daddy has been reading him western books! He also explores and wiggles a lot more these days!


You've got to love those milestones!

A couple of days ago I realized that Lawson was really close to rolling from his back to his stomach. He would roll onto his side and almost get himself kicked over.

So last night I laid him on a blanket on the floor of his bedroom while I got his bath ready. When I peaked into his room, he was on his side so I yelled at Jarrett to get out of the bathroom and come watch. We watched for a good while and had almost given up when Lawson finally kicked that leg over and was laying on his stomach. We were excited to get to see him do it for the first time. It is so fun to watch your child grow and learn new things.

Here is the after picture:
And here is another picture of him sucking his thumb, he still loves it!


Vacation 2010

The week of July 4th mom and dad treated us to a vacation on Galveston Island. Our original plan had been to go to Orange Beach, AL but because of the oil spill we had to change our plans. I was pretty bummed since I had been to Galveston a bunch of times and had in my mind that it was dirty. However, I was pleasantly suprised and we had an amazing vacation! We found a resort on the island called Pointe West and it was amazing. It had an infinity pool that overlooked the ocean and felt kind of "mexican resortish" minus the turquoise water. There were trails that we all rode bikes, scooters and walked on. The weather was perfect and we had a great time on the Seawall for the 4th of July fireworks. Moody Gardens

I loved watching the three boys together.

It was our first vaction with the ENTIRE family (mom, dad, Aaron, Ashley, Abram, Asher, me, Jarrett and Lawson) and it was a GREAT 7 nights!