Brotherly and Sisterly Love

Okay mom, take our picture already!!

Think she'll stop if we give her a big smile?
We really are the best of friends!
 And we will always love and protect each other!


Lawson's 2 Year Well Check

I was a little nervous about taking Lawson to his two year well check because the last time I took him to the doctor when he was sick, he wanted to get out of there as fast as he could!  This time, he did great!  He stood on the scale and got weighed and measured and headed straight to the exam room.  He jumped up on the table and laid his head right on the pillow.  He sat while he got his blood pressure checked and just did so great!  It was so easy.  He was entertained with a quarter while we waited on his doctor and then he proceeded to want to play catch with the doctor, but all in all it was a great visit.  He did get one shot, but that is all he has to have until he is 4!  He just talked and talked and picked out his little toy at the end....a ball of course!

He weighed 29 lbs and I can't remember his height :(, I'll have to ask next time!  And he is healthy as can be!  It is so easy to take health for granted, but I'm trying to remember to thank God each day for his health and really the good health of all of our family.

Our two year old loves.....
To play with Daddy
 To wear his boots....with any outfit.
 To play with his sissy
 To swim
 To mow the yard with daddy....every Thursday


Lauralyn 6 Months Old

Weight: 15.1 lbs
Height: 26 in.
Diaper: 2
Clothes: 6 months

It has been half a year since Lauralyn was born and although it was the most exhausting half a year of my life, she has brought more joy to our family than I could have ever imagined.  It is so amazing to watch my little girl grow and to see her and Lawson interacting more and more every day.

She has started really sleeping through the night almost every night.  I nurse her at 8:00 and then she sleeps until I get her up at 5:20 to nurse before I get ready for work.  I do hear her in the monitor in the middle of the night, but she usually just rolls over and finds her pacifier and falls back asleep. 

She still eats baby oatmeal at supper and has also tried green beans.  She made funny faces, but still seemed to like it. 

She still rolls and scoots like crazy.  And we have to watch her around the fire place, ottoman and any room that has a hard surface she could bump into.  She isn't sitting up on her own yet.  She is close, but wobbly and usually falls over reaching for the closest toy, remote, shirt whatever she can get her hands on!!


Lawson's End of School Program

Tuesday night Lawson had his end of school program.  It was the cutest thing and he did a great job mostly dancing, clapping and just having a good time.  His little class sang I'm a little tea pot and he even got into it with some of the motions.  He definitely had the tip me over head move down.  Unfortunately I didn't get many good pictures.  I will have to be more prepared with a better lens next time!!
Here is the best picture we got of the our family.  Jarrett had to come straight from work, thus the uniform.  My mom and dad and brother and sister-in-law and Abram and Asher all got to come too!!  I'm sure there are many school programs in our future!


Flu and Two

So as it turns out, we had to cancel the big party for Lawson's birthday, and scale it down to just family.  He ended up having fever on Friday, and we just couldn't risk him still be contagious on Saturday and plus he was still laying around and not acting like hisself.

The family party turned out great though!! We had beef and chicken fajitas from the Supermercado with all the fixings and cupcakes and ice cream. We sang happy birthday to Lawson and he was spoiled with great gifts. It really was a lot of fun, and we just might start doing family birthdays more often!  I did a little bit of last minute decorating to make it festive.

The Life Skills teachers that I work with make amazing cupcakes.  They made these red velvet, lemon and vanilla cupcakes for the party.  They were delicious!

Tired little sister!
Present time!
We got Lawson a pair of boots.  He loves them and wears them all the time....even with shorts!

Fortunately, he was much better on Saturday and he played and played and played with his cousins Abram and Asher.  He absolutely adores them, and they are soo sweet to him.  They rode his new Gator with him.  He loved it!  He wants to drive it all the time!  He also got a trampoline that we still need to set up for him.  I know he and Lauralyn are going to have hours and hours of fun on it!
It turned out to be a great day.  We are so thankful that Lawson felt better and that the flu had left our house with no one else getting it!