About Me

My Family
I am married to the most wonderful man. We have two children Lawson Ryan and Lauralyn Ricki.  They are 19 months apart.

My Career
I am a high school Business/Technology teacher.  Education is where I am meant to be. 

Why I Blog
I am the world's worst scrapbooker, journalist, photo album updater....and the list goes on. But since I am always near or around a computer, I am hoping this blog will allow me to document our lives.  Plus its fun! 

My Beliefs
I am a Christian that struggles to walk with Christ on a daily basis.  I seek to honor Him in all that I do.  I attempt to not get lost in "daily life" and lose focus on the purpose of my existence.  It is hard and I constantly battle my will verses His will.  I feel very blessed and incredibly undeserving of the life God has given me.