7 Months Old

Weight: Over 18 1/2 lbs.
Clothes: 6-9 months
Shoe: 3
Diaper: 3

This has by far been the quickest month of Lawson's life. Everyday he is doing more. He is moving all over the place and trying to pull up on furniture. He still isn't strong enough or tall enough, but he tries. He loves to grab my hands so that he can balance and pull up to standing. We bought a little table toy that he loves to stand at and play with. He is a great eater. He has three solid meals a day, two pumped bottles a day and nurses three times a day. His favorites are oatmeal, berry/banana stage 2 foods, and bananas stage 2 food. He has eaten "real" potatoes, sweet potatoes and avocado from our plates and he loves it. I look forward to watching him try new foods.

He is still an excellent sleeper. He hardly ever cries and is such a happy boy. He always smiles when strangers talk to him. I still can't believe he is over half a year old!


Costume Time!

We went to the annual Burgess costume party this weekend. This year it was also in conjuction with Tawona's 50th birthday (that's Ashley's momma).
We through our costumes together in about an hour. The final product was Tina Turner and her manager. We ended up taking Lawson to the party because we didn't have much notice so we didn't have time to get a baby sitter. Plus...I still don't like to be away from him at night and he doesn't like it either. The last couple of times we have tried, he cried a lot which is not like him at all!! I guess at night he's a little momma's boy, and I'm okay with that!

There was a costume contest and Ashley and Aaron stole the show with a Spartan's cheer that was well rehearsed and oh so funny!


The "Big" Boys Birthday party

Monday night we celebrated my brothers and Jarrett's birthday. Aaron turns 32 on October 17th and Jarrett turned 29 on September 30th. We combined the parties into one because we just couldn't find two different times to all get together, it is ridiculous how many things we have to squeeze into a week! I can only imagine how much busier it will be once Lawson gets a little older!

My mom cooked a yummy roast with all the sides and she made a fresh Pear Pie instead of cake since Jarrett doesn't eat cake (he's weird like that!).
It is always fun to get together with the entire side of my family. I feel blessed that we all live within 10 miles of each other. I love to watch Abram and Asher "love" on Lawson. And they all love playing with the toys at JeJe's house!

Asher was acting like a little baby, he is so funny!
Lawson playing like a "big boy". I look at this picture and can NOT believe how big he hasn't gotten! He was able to stand and play for quite a while with this toy. I still remember Abram playing with this same toy when he was a baby. It makes me sad that Abram is already in Kindergarten....I know the next time I turn around it will be Lawson starting Kindergarten. That makes me really sad!


Happy Fall

This past weekend Jarrett's mom came to stay with us for a couple of nights. We had a great time just hanging out. His mom watched Lawson while Jarrett and I got a couple of projects done around the house, so that was really nice.

Saturday morning his mom went with me to take Lawson to have his pictures made. Lindsay held a fall mini-session so we got Lawson dressed up and headed out for pictures at 9:30. Of course the first thing he does when we get there is spits up. He hardly ever spits up, but he had to do it right before pictures! Luckily it wiped off and didn't show.

He is going to be a puppy for halloween. Lindsay always does a great job, and although we could not get him to smile, she got some really great shots.


The Great Outdoors

Lawson has been enjoying the beautiful weather.