15 16 and 17 Months

These have got to be the best days of my life...so far.  Lawson is so much fun at this age, and I'm constantly amazed at him and just the little boy he is becoming.
15 Months

There are so many things I have yet to document, so I'm going to TRY to remember them and get them down so that I don't forget them.

  • He loves to lay in bed with us before he goes to his room each night.  We cuddle, play and read books.  When its time for bed Jarrett picks him up and tells him it is time to go night-night.  He then starts waving at me and blows me kisses as he heads out the door. Sometimes he is even the one to say nigh-nigh when he is ready to go to bed.
  • He has really started signing quite a bit, that is unless he actually says the word.  He signs please, thank you, and all done.  I tried really hard to teach him the sign for more, but my efforts produced the word more rather than the sign.  He says it more than any other word he uses.
  • He thinks the sign for please will get him anything he wants!!
  • He absolutely LOVES to be outside and cries to come inside even though it is over 100 degrees outside. 
  • He has started loving to read books, and he knows exactly where his books are.  He points to them and wants me to get them down for him.  There are three on my bookshelf, and if I don't get all three down he get frustrated with me.  He looks at them and likes to make the animal noises, especially the monkey.  He also like to do the elephant and raise his arm like a trunk. 
  • I've heard him say a ton of words, the most common are momma, dad, more, I did it, milk, belly button, book, ba (which is blanket)
  • The sweetest thing is that he will lift my shirt up and hug and kiss on my belly and say baby.
  • He loves to bite our toes and he tickles the bottom of our feet and says "tickle, tickle"
  • He also gives us kisses and he always adds the mwah sound to it.  I guess I must do that when I kiss him.
  • He does pretty good eating with a fork.  He still uses his hand, but he is getting better.
  • When we are walking somewhere and he is holding one of our hands, he will reach for the other hands so that he is holding both of our hands.
  • He blows raspberries on our bellies to make "tooting" noises.
  • After dinner he says bath and runs to the bathtub.  I guess this is a result of how routine oriented we are!
  • He climbs on everything! 
We are just loving and enjoying every moment with him.  It is definitely going by way to fast! 
17 Months

28 Weeks

I am just about to start the final trimester.  It's gone really fast, but at the same time it still feels like forever until we get to meet our little girl.  The worst symptoms I have are pain in my heartburn at night, lower stomach, aching ankles and aching feet.  Other than that, I feel pretty good.  I've gained a little over 20 lbs.  so I am right at where I was with Lawson.  I wanted it to be less this time, but my eating habits just won't allow it!  Tomorrow I have my glucose test in the afternoon.  I'm nervous since it isn't until 3:45.  I have to watch every bite I eat.  The thing I miss the most is Diet Coke and regular coffee.  I usually allow myself a half-caf cup of coffee in the morning, but that is about it.  We are already counting down the weeks until she gets here, and I can not wait to see her sweet face and hold her.

Here is another picture of me at 28 weeks.  We actually had my parents watch Lawson and went to a surprise birthday party.  I hate leaving him, but I was glad that we did.  We had a nice relaxed evening with friends.