Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas as a family of four, even though we were exhausted with a newborn.  We spent the 23rd in Sugar Land at nanny's house.  We had a great time and were spoiled as usual.  Lawson and LL got tons of adorable clothes, and I have been having a blast dressing them in each of them.  My favorite thing that I got was a certificate to have a canvas pictures made, I still need to pick out what picture I want to have done. 

The picture below is at my parents house on Christmas Eve.  We always go there Christmas Eve, pig out and open presents.  This year we had Mexican food, and I am hungry just thinking about how good it was! 

Christmas morning was so much fun now that Lawson is a little older.  He loved walking out to new toys to play with.  His reaction was priceless and so funny!  And sweet Lauralyn happily sat in her seat and watched all the action.  It was a little surreal to actually be a family of 4 on Christmas morning.  It is amazing how quickly things change.  I definitely need to do a better job of living in the moment!

After "Santa Claus", we headed over to my parents house for breakfast. This is probably my favorite tradition.  I LOVE my mom's breakfast and it did not disappoint.  I even took leftovers to have breakfast again for lunch!  I did feel pretty sick to my stomach for some reason, and laid in bed with Lauralyn in my arms and talking to my dad.  It was actually a neat little memory.  Lawson showed his independence (and his love of food) by sneaking off to the breakfast room while everyone was scattered through the house, sitting at the table and eating what everyone had left on their plates.  It was a sight to see him sitting in there all alone just going to town on the food and drinking Orange Julius.

We spent the rest of Christmas day relaxing and playing.  It was WONDERFUL!  I look forward to the years ahead and teaching Lawson and Lauralyn about Jesus, His birth, His time on earth, and why we celebrate his life at Christmas (and all year for that matter).  


Santa Claus

Lawson and Lauralyn went to see Santa Claus recently. Lawson did good as long as he had his blanket. I love the Santa at our mall. He took his time and was very pleasant.

The picture cracks me up, but isn't that what Santa pictures are all about?


Jarrett's Graduation from Seminary

Jarrett graduated from Southwestern Theological Seminary in Fort Worth with his masters in Christian Education.  He didn't actually have his graduation ceremony until December.  
He had to be there a day early for rehearsal, so we took Lawson and Lauralyn and stayed in a hotel.  I'm not going to lie, it was a little stressful with LL only being 6 weeks old and Lawson being a VERY active 21 month old. 

We did get to see the campus, rest some and eat good food.  Jarrett's mom thankfully came too and we stayed in suite, so it actually worked out pretty well.  Both kids went to the ceremony and Lawson lasted through almost the entire thing in my lap,  I was pleasantly surprised.  Lauralyn slept through it all.  Afterwards we celebrated at the Cheesecake Factory, did a little shopping and headed home. 


Lauralyn 1 Month Old

Weight: Around 8 lbs
Diaper: newborn
Clothes: newborn

It's hard to believe a month has already passed.  Lauralyn has been such a sweet little blessing to our life.  She has gotten on a pretty regular sleep/eat schedule.  In the evenings she will eat at 7:00 and 10:00.  Then she has been sleeping until at least 2:00 and then again until anywhere from 4:30 to 5:30.  She is a great eater, but has a tendency to overeat and then spit up a little.  She nurses during the day about every 3 hours.  Right now she has a head of dark brown hair, blue eyes and dark skin.

I'm not one to stay home all the time, so she has been out and about since 6 days old.  That was the first day we took her to the mall.  She has been out to eat several times and even went to Canton Trades Day this past week.  She is so easy when we go somewhere.

Lawson hasn't really had to adjust much to his sister being here.  It's almost like she has always been around.  He loves her already and tries to give her a paci, blanket, toy anything he thinks she might need.  He is actually a big helper even though he's only 20 months.   He is able to throw her diapers away in the garage and can get pretty much anything we tell him that we need.  The biggest thing for him was learning that you have to be gentle with little sister.

Here are side by side pictures of Lawson and Lauralyn at 1 month.