Lauralyn 9 Months Old

Weight:  Probably around 17 lbs.
Clothes:  6-9 months
Diaper: 3

Lauralyn is already 9 months old.  Time is flying does not adequately say how fast it is going.  She changes and grows more and more every day.  And our love for her changes and grows with every day.  She is the light of our life and of her brother's life.  The more she grows, the more he loves to play with his "sissy".

She is finally crawling on all fours.  I'm glad just because she was wearing her shirts out by scooting on the floor.  She started scooting really early, so it was funny that it took her so long to get off her belly and crawl!!

She is currently nursing and taking bottles.  The plan is to have her weaned before I go back to work for the year.

Lauralyn is completely off of baby food.  She pretty much eats whatever we are eating.  She is a natural at using a sippy cup.  Pretty much any cup we give her she can use.  The same was with finger foods.  She always feeds herself and is really good at picking her food up.  She also is drinking through a straw with no problem, except she gets to big of gulps and spits it out.  Jarrett and I like to joke that are kids are advanced eaters!!