9 Months Old

Weight: 19 1/2 lbs.

Height: 28 in.

Head: 17 3/4 in.

Diaper: Size 3
Clothes: 9 Month and some 12 month

Lawson is 9 months old and into everything! He has become a speed crawler and pulls up on everything he can reach. The tumbles and falls have quadrupled in the past 3 weeks. He says mamamam, dadadada and makes tons of sounds. He has eaten lots of different foods, but his favorite still seems to be oats and fruit baby food. He loves to feed himself and will make a mess feeding himself pieces of baked potatoes. He is down to nursing just before bed and in the morning...this has been harder on momma than baby! He is still an excellent sleeper and still has yet to be sick (I'm almost scared to type that). He has just started standing on his own, but just for a few seconds. He also will walk behind a push toy pretty well.

I've had the past 2 weeks off (I love working in education) and I've truly enjoyed every moment I've gotten to spend with him. He laughs so hard sometimes, smiles all the time and is the light of my life!


Lawson's First Christmas

Lawson's First Christmas Ornament Our 2010 family ornament.

Lawson sitting on his very first four-wheeler!

9 month old are supposed to get bicycles right?! This one is from Papaw. Wearing their matching beanies that their 2nd cousin Michelle made them.


Christmas at Nanny's House

This past weekend we headed to Sugar Land for Christmas at Jarrett's Nanny's house. We had such a good time, especially watching Nolan and Lawson "playing" together. We even got in a trip to Pei Wei Saturday night with Jeremy and Stacy while Barbar and Nanny watched the boys.

Lawson opening his very first Christmas present.

Brothers less than 12 months apart in age, with their sons about three weeks apart in age.


Remembering the Little Things

I really want to remember the little things. Like as I type this, Lawson is at my feet, looking up at me and laughing hard and saying mamamama (I know he doesn't associate it with me, but I can pretend!).

There are so many little things that I don't want to forget...the whole reason for having a blog. Too bad I stink at updating it!! The cutest things he is doing at this time is dancing when music is playing and lowering himself after he has pulled up. He is so funny as he eases his little booty down to the floor. He also learned to climb stairs this weekend at his Nanny's house.

He is growing and changing so fast, I want to hold onto each moment.