What do you do at a Good Friday Service?

This is the question I asked my husband as we headed to church on Friday night. In my 28 year history of attending church, I have never attended (or even heard about) a Good Friday service. Boy have I been missing out! We had an incredible service filled with worship and a powerful message. Bryan, our pastor, read straight from the book of Matthew about the passover feast, the betrayal and the crucifixion of Jesus. As I listened to the story, I tried to visualize what it must have really been like to be there. I pictured Jesus as a man. I can only wonder what he truly looked like. I tried to imagine the physical pain He felt as he hung on the cross. At the end of the service we were given the option to nail our personal sins to a cross that was at the front of the church. My heart jumped as the first sin was nailed to the cross and I thought of my Saviour's hands and feet being pierced by the nails as He was hung on the cross. As we were leaving the service I overheard Jarrett in a conversation. He made the point that Jesus dying on the cross means nothing without His resurrection. Without His resurrection He was just a man who was crucified, but He rose from the dead and He conquered the grave for all of us who believe in Him. What a Good Friday, and an even better Sunday!
After church on Sunday, we headed to my parents house to eat...and man did we eat!! It was delicious as usual. And we got to spend it with my Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, Ashley, Asher, Abram and my parents. (Aaron, my brother, had to work)
Asher and Abram, my favorite nephews. I just had to include this cute picture!