Christmas 2012

We spent the weekend before Christmas at Jarrett's Nanny and Mom's house.  It was a ton of fun and the cousins had a blast hanging out together.  Lauralyn is all over the place and thinks she's twelve, so I was able to actually take pictures of all the fun. 

 Christmas Eve we spent with my family.  The cousins were wild and everyone had a great time.  This was one of the quiet moments with the boys hanging out on the couch.

Lauralyn and her four wheeler!  She also got a pink play gun from her Barbar, so she is set to be a country girl!

Lawson got tons of train stuff from both sides of the family, and he was loving it!  

I'll be happy when family pictures get easier.  I'm always sweating by the end of it.  Even if its just for one picture!  Right now Lauralyn loves to smile, but Lawson is a little toot!

The only group shot we got.  

Jeje, Papaw and their grandbabies that they love to spoil!


Thanksgiving and the Deer Lease

We spent the night before Thanksgiving at my mom's house stuffing ourselves with yummy food.  It is always a good time and my mom always makes way to much food.

Here is Lauralyn in her fall dress from her Barbar.

The next day, Jarrett and I loaded up the kids and headed to the deer lease in Graford.

The trip was one of those experiences that wasn't a ton of fun until it was over ;)  Let's just say, a two year old and a one year old plus a small camper, cactus, a daddy gone for hours hunting, dirt and very little running water are quite an exhausting mix.  In the middle of the trip I had the thought "what were we thinking".  Some of the highlights of the trip were not showering for 2 days.  Pulling cactus out of Lawson's legs.  Cleaning dirt out from under fingernails. Wiping snotty noses.  Having Lauralyn scream because she couldn't run around everywhere outside.

Some of the other highlights were sleeping between my two babies and snuggling all night.  Seeing my children light up as the ran around and had the time of their lives.

Having their cousins and Aaron and Ashley come up the second night.  All 8 of us sleeping in one camper (I wanted so badly to head home because I didn't think Lauralyn would sleep well.  However, she fell asleep easily at about 8:30 and slept until the next morning).

It was all worth it.  And was an experience I know I will never forget.  Since we've been back home Lawson will randomly ask to go to the deer lease and likes to tell everyone that "daddy not see a deer".