Small Camo Party

We decided just to have a small family party for Lawson's 3rd birthday.  It was low key, low stress and just right!  Jarrett made chili and we had frito pies, hot dogs and homemade dip.  Jarrett's mom and nanny brought the cutest little bundtinis from Houston.  Basically, we ate, sang, opened presents and just let the kids play while the adults talked. 

The most fun thing about the party this year was that Lawson was really excited.  I took just him to Hobby Lobby to pick things out for his party, and he really got into it.  He kept asking when his camo party was and any time we saw camo, he would say he needed it for his camo party. 

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Lindsay said...

So cute! Love the pic of them all piled into the gator!