I can hardly believe your second birthday is already here.  I still sometimes can't believe that I have a daughter.  I think back to that day when we found out you were a girl, and how excited I was to dress you up and put bows in your hair.  But having you has been so much more than bows and dresses.  I never dreamed that the bond we would have as mother/daughter would be so strong at just 2 years old.  You are my little friend.  I love playing babies and having tea parties with you.  

Even though you are two, you are very petite.  For some reason that makes me happy.  I think because you still seem like my little baby.  You are an amazing sleeper.  We may keep you in your crib until you are 5 years old!  You take three hour naps and always sleep all night.  You typically walk right to your bedroom when I say its times for bed.  I even tried to get you to sleep with me while your daddy was hunting, but you got out of my bed and went to your room.  

You and Lawson are best friends.  Y'all love each other and play so well together.  You miss each other when you are apart.  And you definitely fight!  Although as you get older it seems to be less and less.

You are talking more and more every day.  We've had to make you start using your words.  I think we(I) kind of spoiled you to not having to talk because I can anticipate what you want.  Oops!  The only place its really caused a problem is at school where you've bitten a few classmates.  I'm pretty sure its because you aren't using your words!  And when someone is in your personal space....you want them to move!!  We are working on it and you are getting better and better about using your words instead of other methods.

You absolutely love to read.  You like to point out colors and shapes and animals.  It's fun watching you learn and get excited about the simplest things.   It cracks me up that anytime you see something that is blue you assume its Lawson and if its pink you say "that's sissy's".  You also say the sweetest prayers and squinch your eyes closed and clasp your hands.  It melts my heart.  

My biggest prayer for you is that your will love and serve others with your life.  I pray that you will know Christ as your Saviour at a young age. 

Love you more than words can say!


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